C&W 2017 Workshop

We’re glad to be hosting “Structuring Active Work: Developing Sustainable Digital Infrastructures for Collaborative Research Teams” at Computers & Writing 2017. (See our April blog post for a full description.)

Using Basecamp

We’ll be using a Basecamp project in our Crow Basecamp for the workshop. Basecamp is a team communication platform which brings together do lists, scheduling, and threaded conversations in a single interface. We’ve been using it since late 2015 and we’re quite pleased with it.

Basecamp has excellent online help. Here are a couple links which might be useful for the workshop:

There are also movies which speak to best practices you can consider as you scale up. We’ll use the web version, but desktop and mobile apps are available too.

Workshop goals

Our goals for the workshop are as follows:

  1. To assist you in defining what it means to conduct sustainable research.
  2. To support your development and exploration of physical and digital infrastructure for your research purposes.
  3. To demonstrate the tools and platforms we (Crow) use to aid in creating visible processes and decision-making for our team.
  4. To provide you with the necessary space to assess your project’s needs, formulate goals, and identify potential opportunities and constraints for collaborative research.
  5. To offer best practices for interdisciplinary collaboration, especially when it comes to dealing with differences in communication practices, research procedures, and terminology from a variety of disciplines.
  6. To share collaborative planning procedures that we (Crow) have found valuable.

Workshop materials

Most of the workshop materials will be available in our Basecamp project, but we’ll cross-post links here as well once we’re ready to share everything.