Year: 2022

Aleksey Novikov is a talented linguist and long-time member of Crow’s team. Here at Crow, he has played an integral part in working on MACAWS and CIABATTA. Aleksey has also continued to study his lifelong passion for languages and involvement in academia with his most recent position as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Oxford College of Emory University.

Welcome three new interns at three institutions! Meet our newest Crowbirds: Vivek Natarajan at Purdue University, Anuj Gupta at the University of Arizona, and Faisa Aden at North Carolina State University.

Crow researchers Michelle McMullin, Ola Swatek, and Hadi Banat are presenting “Constructive Distributed Work: How Crow builds ethics, equity and access in research teams” at NCSU on Tue Feb 8 at 3:00pm Eastern.

Emily Palese has been a Crow team member since 2019, and she also holds leadership positions at the University of Arizona where she earned her PhD in 2021. Collaborative work has been important to Emily for a long time, and she gains team experience from her work on the Crow repository, AZTESOL, the SLW collaborative, and WriPACA.