We Stand with Asian Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders

The Crow leadership team would like to express its condemnation of anti-Asian and gender-based violence and to communicate its support for Asian Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders. We are saddened and angered by the murders of Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Hyun Jung Grant, Soon Chung Park, Suncha Kim, and Yong Ae Yue. We condemn the increased violence this past year against Asian and AAPI students, faculty, and individuals at our own institutions, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Our team closely collaborates with our Asian and AAPI team members, and greatly values the contributions of Asian and AAPI students and teachers as participants in our research. We want to express our solidarity with those individuals and others in our own professional networks, and invite others to do the same for their students and colleagues.

Please visit Stop AAPI Hate for more information and resources.

Ashley Velázquez
Shelley Staples
Michelle McMullin
Adriana Picoral
Bradley Dilger
Randi Reppen


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