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Reviewing the individual accomplishments of the Crow team in AY19–20.

Crow PIs share their strategy for reacting to the proposed ICE rules that would effect a ban on international students.

Adding texts from Northern Arizona University means the Crow corpus is now 10 million words and 10,000 texts. Learn more about the way our team added these texts and why a bigger corpus is more useful for research.

Congratulations to Dr. Hadi Riad Banat, who defended his dissertation, “Assessing intercultural competence in writing programs through linked courses.” Dr. Banat’s committee was Purdue professors Dr. Tony Silva, Dr. April Ginther, Dr. Margie Berns, and Dr. Bradley Dilger. Dr. Banat …

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We are happy to celebrate our newest graduates

Undergraduate research helps build Crow

Congratulations to Dr. Wendy Gao, who defended her dissertation, “Linguistic Profiles of High Proficiency Mandarin and Hindi Second Language Speakers of English,” Dr. Gao’s committee was Purdue professors Dr. April Ginther, Dr. Elaine Francis, and Dr. Tony Silva, with Dr. …

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We’re very glad to announce Crow researcher Dr. Ge Lan has successfully defended his dissertation, Noun Phrase Complexity, Academic Level, and First Language Background in Academic Writing. Dr. Lan’s committee was chaired by April Ginther and included Elaine Francis and …

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Crow team presents workshop at AZTESOL 2019

The Crow team would like to congratulate Dr. Adriana Picoral, who recently defended her dissertation, L3 Portuguese by Spanish-English bilinguals: Copula construction use and acquisition in corpus data.