Dr. Hadi Banat (left) and Dr. Hope Gerde

As the Spring 2023 semester wraps up, the Crow team is excited to share the research we have presented at conferences this semester. WRAB 2023 Dr. Hadi Banat presented at the Writing Across Borders 2023 conference in Trondheim, Norway in …

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The Crow lab at Purdue, made possible by the EVPRP grant, has allowed our five new Crow interns to interact in a physically productive and inviting space. We’ve been quite busy at Crow, especially considering the wide range of projects that all of us contribute to. Here’s an outline of what we’ve been working on, and how the lab helps us do so.

Our University of Arizona Crowbirds hosted an introductory workshop on the uses of AntConc at the 17th Annual SLAT Interdisciplinary Roundtable. The workshops gave instructions on hiding tags, using the concordance function, and different methods of word searching.