Iterative, inclusive persona development @ SIGDOC 2021

Building on our work from SIGDOC 2020, we’re presenting on Crow’s approaches to mentoring at SIGDOC 2021.

“Using iterative persona development to support inclusive research and assessment”
Michelle McMullin, Hadi Banat, Shelton Weech, & Bradley Dilger

As we build writing research tools, Crow researchers have always sought more ethical, sustainable approaches to collaboration. How we work is as important as what we make. In this research paper, we highlight the importance of descriptive methods such that our reflexive processes for assessment are transparent, and stay open for negotiation as we learn more, gather feedback, and apply what we learn. We share an in-depth look at Crow methods for persona development and their role in our ongoing research and assessment of Crow practices.

Here’s our video summary:

We also have a PowerPoint version including audio and speaker notes.

Along with this presentation, we have some resources for teams interested in learning more about CDW methods.

We look forward to your feedback, both for this paper, and for the resources we are building. Share your questions or ideas via this form.

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