Crow Spotlight: Welcome Three New Researchers Across Three Universities

The Crow team is excited to welcome new researchers across three different institutions. Vivek Natarajan is an Undergraduate Research Assistant at Purdue University, Anuj Gupta is a PhD student at the University of Arizona, and Faisa Aden is an Undergraduate Research Assistant at North Carolina State University. All three researchers engage in a diverse array of degrees from English to Computer Science and CROW looks forward to supporting their learning journeys. Below, each new researcher shares their scholarly backgrounds and goals.

Vivek Natarajan is a junior at Purdue University studying Computer Science with minors in Math and Linguistics. His current interests include Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. In addition to English, he also speaks Spanish, Hindi, Tamil and some Sanskrit and Telugu, due to living in India for six years. Here at Crow, Vivek will be working on de-identification, the development of the corpus and repository, and improving the tools we use for that important work.

Anuj Gupta is a graduate student at the University of Arizona in the Rhetoric, Composition & the Teaching of English program. He works at the intersection of composition studies, applied linguistics and digital humanities. He is taking an independent study class with Dr. Shelley Staples on corpus linguistics as part of his doctoral minor in TESOL. As part of this class, he is excited to learn about text mining techniques and usability studies using materials from the CROW project.

Faisa Aden

Faisa Aden is a Sophomore at NC State, studying Psychology and English with a concentration in Linguistics. In the future, she hopes to study abroad and either teach English as a Second Language, or work in the publishing industry as a technical writer or journalist. On campus, she is involved with Social Innovations Fellows, McNair Scholars, and University Scholars.

Outside of the Crow lab, all three of our accomplished researchers explore unique hobbies. Vivek is an avid blouderer and likes trying to find the hardest possible way to climb up steep rock races outside. Anuj plays guitar, reads sci-fi novels, and passes his time thinking about stuff that happens in outer space. Faisa enjoys reading, watching Turkish IV shows, and spending time with her family. Congratulations to all three Crowbirds. Welcome!