Welcoming Banat & Swatek: Crow expands its leadership team

We are pleased to announce Crow has added two longtime Crow researchers to our leadership team: Dr. Aleksandra Swatek, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, and Dr. Hadi Banat, University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Our history with Dr. Swatek and Dr. Banat goes back to the first days of Crow at Purdue University—and in Dr. Swatek’s case, even farther, as she was involved with some of the corpus-building projects at Purdue that preceded Crow. Both have contributed to many key projects at Crow, such as the development of our first Humanities Without Walls grant, the 2018 “Writing Research Without Walls” symposium, and ACLS-supported outreach activities. They have hosted workshops, contributed to grant writing, and helped undergraduate and graduate researchers develop their own projects.

One of the strengths of Crow has been our interdisciplinary approach, and Dr. Swatek and Dr. Banat have helped us achieve intellectual diversity with their expertise in second language studies, applied linguistics, technical communication, and other fields. Recent co-authored publications demonstrate that diversity, with Dr. Swatek’s “Revisiting ‘Family Matters’” in the Journal of Writing Analytics and Dr. Banat’s “Developing intercultural competence through a linked course model curriculum” in TESOL Journal, both written with other research teams that, like us, appreciate their ability to write collaboratively.

Currently both are actively involved in our Constructive Distributed Work project, which has several active publications in progress. We look forward to seeing how they shape the future of Crow.