Computers & Writing 2016

We’re in Rochester, NY for Computers & Writing 2016. We attended the computational rhetorics workshop facilitated by Ryan Omizo and Bill Hart-Davidson, and presented in session D2, “Boundary Work: Designing a Composition Archive for Research and Mentoring Across Disciplines.” That’s Friday, 5/20, 4:30 to 5:45pm, in Nursing 102.

We described our approach to developing Crow in five short talks:

  • Shelley Staples introduced our team and share our project goals.
  • For those C&W attendees not familiar with corpus linguistics, Terrence Wang offered an introduction.
  • Ashley Velázquez, reading for Lindsey Macdonald, outlined some of the pedagogical rationale for Crow, and describe some possibilities.
  • Michelle McMullin described how our approach to infrastructure draws on scholarship in professional communication.
  • Finally, Bradley Dilger concluded our panel by saying more about our approach to sustainable collaboration.

Here’s our session handout and slide deck. Thanks to those who attended!

We have more to say about the conference in another post.


The Corpus & Repository of Writing, an inter-institutional and inter-disciplinary research project building a corpus of student writing articulated with a repository of pedagogical artifacts.

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