Fall 2017 Grant Work Kickoff

The Crow team has collected a smaller group of members to focus on various grants we will be applying for this semester. During the second week of classes here at Purdue, the grants team met to establish our grant strategy, and  distribute grant work.

We decided we would meet as a large group every two weeks to ensure everyone is on the same page and to review any issues that come up during our two weeks apart. Other than that, individual grant teams will meet as needed to get the work done.

We have started working on four major grants this semester, a CLA Humanities Grant, Humanities Without Walls, a CLA non-laboratory grant, and an SBS Faculty Small Grant from the University of Arizona.

CLA Humanities

This grant funding comes directly from Purdue as an internal grant. The funds, if awarded, will be used to help fund our research efforts. Lindsey and Michelle will be working on this grant. Eventually, I will join their team as well to assist as needed.

Humanities Without Walls Changing Climate Initiative

Humanities Without Walls is spread throughout the Midwest to different humanities institutes, Purdue being one of them. Its main goal is to encourage an increase in the visibility of humanities. Shelley and Bradley will focus on this grant for their Changing Climate initiative. Eventually, Hadi will join to assist as needed. We’ll be partnering with Michigan State on this grant, too, which is exciting!

CLA Non-Laboratory

This is another internal grant from Purdue. Its goal is to help research groups to upgrade their equipment, software, and database access, among other things. If awarded, We will be using this money to purchase upgraded monitors, webcams, and headphones for our resource room. Hadi and myself will be focusing on this grant.

University of Arizona Faculty Small Grant

This is an internal grant through the University of Arizona. This grant will be used to aid in recruitment of participants for our study, as well as to help fund graduate student wages for processing and de-identifying files as well as checking part of speech tags that will be automatically added to the corpus. Shelley Staples will be focusing on this grant. 

It is now the fourth week of classes, and our grants team is off to a great start. Teams are meeting, drafts are being compiled, and budgets are being adjusted. All of the grants listed above have different deadlines, so we expect to continue working at our current pace and continue distributing tasks as needed to the grants team. As these grants come to completion, we will be on the lookout for more to apply for.

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