Crowbirds at CCCC in Portland

Team members from all of our research sites, Michigan State University, Purdue University, and University of Arizona, flew to Portland to present in two panels that discussed Crow’s research practices at the Conference on College Composition & Communication (CCCC). We rented a house and established a temporary Crow nest in Portland.

Additional Crow member from the Portland Crow’s nest

On the first day of the conference Terrence Wang, Michelle McMullin, Bradley Dilger and Shelley Staples presented on promoting RAD research by illustrating inter-institutional institutional research fosters diverse outcomes, the development of sustainable infrastructures, and the life-cycle model of scalable user-centered development.

Michelle McMullin presenting at CCCC 2017.

On day two Lindsey McDonald, Shelley Staples, and Bill Hart-Davidson presented on collaborative work. They talked about the Crow citation project and the work they have conducted in order to establish connections between pedagogical materials and student writing. This research will be used to articulate how the content and language instructors use in their pedagogical materials affects how students interpret assignments as well as show how the corpus and repository work together.

Shelley Staples presenting at CCCC 2017.

The Crow team made more interdisciplinary connections at CCCCs by discussing collaborative work and the roll of data analysis in writing studies with Chris Holcomb and Duncan Buell from University of South Carolina and Susan Conrad from Portland State University.

We look forward to more feedback, collaboration, and planning with scholars across disciplines as we plan for the Crow research symposium in Spring of 2019.

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