Spotlighting Crow Undergrad Interns

The Crow team is composed of a variety of different scholars at many different levels of academia from many different fields.  Crow includes various professors of writing, ESL, EAL, SLAT, and many other areas of English and language.  On top of this, Crow also includes three undergraduate interns which broadly expands their experience by introducing them to many workplace aspects such as a collaborative work environment, research opportunities, and more! Each of the undergraduate interns became a part of crow for different reasons and hope to further pursue their academic career through the experience gained here. Below each intern explains how they first became involved with Crow and what experiences they hope to gain from this internship opportunity. 


Nik Kirstein: Nik Kirstein is a junior in Information Science.  He first got interested in Crow after working with a corpus to analyze the Russian language.  Crow helps Nik gain experience in text and data processing and has introduced him to some corpus informatics applications such as AntConc.   All of this ties into information science very well.  Nik hopes to gain more experience in data visualization and back end database development with corpus data.  He wants to work in the CyberSecurity Industry one day.


A picture of Blair NewtonBlair Newton: Blair Newton is a senior in Professional Writing. She first heard about Crow from her Intro to Professional Writing professor, Dr. Michael Salvo. The internship opportunity appealed to her because of how much varying experience she would be exposed to that classes couldn’t offer. Blair does research, blog posts, grant writing, and graphic design for Crow. She hopes one day to combine writing and marketing as a career and eventually even write a novel.



A picture of Jessica KuklaJessica Kukla: Jessica Kukla is a senior professional writing major on the editing and publishing track at Michigan  State. While writing and editing is her forte, Jessica has a growing interest in technical writing and information and experience architecture, which lead her to working with Crow. She hopes to gain more experience with grant writing and working with corpus data. After MSU, Jessica hopes to pursue higher education in something along the lines of information architecture.


By Nik Kirstein, Blair Newton, & Jessica Kukla 

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