Student Professionalization through Grant Writing @SIGDOC 2020

With my colleagues Dr. Michelle McMullin (North Carolina State University) and Dr. Bradley Dilger (Purdue University), I am presenting our experience report on grant writing at the SIGDOC 2020 virtual conference (Oct. 5-9, 2020). 

Our experience report examines how grant writing helps students to meaningfully engage in the project management and technical communication skills needed to sustain practical and ethical professional development. Our designed case study demonstrates this practice and its successes in Crow, an interinstitutional and interdisciplinary research team. Read the experience report or watch this video summary:

SIGDOC 2020 Experience Report Video

Our work responds to a crucial exigence about designing antiracist pedagogy in large research teams, undergraduate and graduate studies in US higher education. You can also have access to the content of this work on SIGDOC’s conference website as well as have the chance to engage with other excellent presentation and proceedings content that peer contributors have shared.

Edit: In October 2021, we followed up on this work with a second SIGDOC presentation, “Using iterative persona development to support inclusive research and assessment.

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